Water Damage Forensics in California

Many homeowners realize that the most common cause of water damage to their property isn't from Mother Nature; it's from the leaky hose or pipe in the walls or slab. Improper drainage on the structure exterior can also present a significant water intrusion problem.

Like fires, water losses need to be properly investigated by qualified personnel in order to identify the origin, cause and subrogation potential. Most water losses occur as a result of manufacture defects or improper installation of plumbing or roofing components.

Advanced Analysis provides the same professional documentation, evidence collection and forensic testing normally associated with fires and apply them to water losses, giving the best chance for recovery.

Water Intrusion Investigation in California

Water Intrusion Investigation

Water intrusion can also cause extensive damage to structures and personal property. Accurately identifying the origin and cause of the intrusion is critical to rectifying the problem. Common areas of intrusion include the roof, planters, windows, doors, and plumbing components. Advanced Analysis, Inc. is owned and operated by a licensed general building contractor with years of experience in the building trade. Let our experts identify the cause and subrogation potential.

Our goal is to provide the very best in investigative services to the private sector.

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